Odprawa celna

Czym jest proces odprawy celnej i jak go ułatwić

As a business person with plans to make international shipments, you’ll have to familiarize yourself with the customs clearance process. Whenever you have to move goods from one country to another, they must pass through the customs clearance office for approval by a customs officer. For international shipments, all goods must go through customs clearance ... Czytaj dalej
płatna kalkulacja wagi

Obliczanie masy podlegającej opłacie: jak obliczyć masę podlegającą opłacie dla frachtu lotniczego

Air freight or cargo is the shipment of goods you want to transport through an air carrier. Air transportation is a perfect choice for express shipments around the globe. The chargeable weight of the shipment determines the cost of your air freight. You must learn to calculate the chargeable weight to ensure your budget is ... Czytaj dalej

Różne typy palet (według stylu, projektu i materiału)

When transporting and storing goods, placing them on a solid surface, such as pallets made from different materials, is best. Some pallet types you might want to consider as a foundation during storage and transportation include plastic pallets, wooden pallets, and metal pallets. Ideally, pallets ought to be flat and horizontal to allow the stacking ... Czytaj dalej
fcl kontra lcl

Transport kontenerowy FCL vs LCL: który wybrać?

Ocean freight is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to ship goods internationally. One reason for this popularity is that sea freight is more cost-efficient, especially for bulky goods than other shipping options. Additionally, it’s safe and eco-friendly, and you can use shipping containers for road or rail transportation. However, when shipping goods by ... Czytaj dalej