Shipping from China to Senegal

Shipping from China to Senegal

Shipping from China to Senegal

When you’re considering shipping goods from China to Senegal, it’s essential to understand the facets of international logistics involved in the process. As an importer, you will find a range of options accommodating various shipping needs, such as time sensitivity and budget constraints.

Exploring Your Shipping Options from China to Senegal

Selecting the right shipping option is essential for the timely and cost-effective transport of goods from China to Senegal. Your choice will depend on a balance between speed, volume, and cost.

Air Freight

Air freight can significantly reduce transit time compared to sea freight, making it ideal for time-sensitive shipments. While it’s usually more expensive, you only pay for the volume of goods shipped, making it cost-effective for smaller cargos. Services, such as express shipping, can deliver your goods from airports like Shanghai Hongqiao International to Dakar in approximately 7 days. Rates vary based on factors like cargo weight and dimensions.

Sea Freight & Container Shipping

Sea freight is a cost-efficient option, particularly for larger volumes. You can choose between Full Container Load (FCL) or Less Than Container Load (LCL) depending on your cargo size. FCL offers an exclusive use of a container, which could be a 20ft or 40ft. Conversely, LCL involves sharing container space with other shippers, which may add to the transit time but reduce costs. Container shipping to Senegal covers various transport modes, including port-to-port and door-to-door, with some carriers offering Digital Tracking.

Different Types of Shipping Services from China to Senegal

Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-door shipping is a type of delivery service where the goods are transported directly from the seller’s or shipper’s premises to the buyer’s or consignee’s specified destination address. The shipping company handles the entire transportation process, including pickup, export/import clearance, and final delivery to the recipient’s doorstep.

Express Shipping from China to Senegal

For extremely urgent shipments from China to Senegal, express shipping services via major international couriers can be utilized.

  • Transit times of 2-5 days, much faster than regular air or ocean freight.
  • Door-to-door delivery and tracking.
  • Higher costs compared to standard freight shipping modes.
  • Maximum weight limits per shipment, e.g., 70kg for DHL express.
  • Suitable for small packages, documents, or time-sensitive cargo.

Logistics steps to consider:

  1. Choose a Reliable Freight Forwarder: Partner with a freight forwarder experienced in China to Senegal shipping like Luckystar Logistics. We can help streamline the process and handle the complexities of international shipping regulations.
  2. Customs Clearance: Ensuring all your documents are in order for both Chinese and Senegalese customs is crucial to avoid delays.
  3. Local Delivery: Once in Senegal, the local distribution of your goods should be well-planned for an efficient handover.

Main Airports for Shipping from China to Senegal

In China:

  • Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)
  • Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN)
  • Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport (SZX)
  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)

In Senegal:

Main Airports for Shipping from China to Senegal
  • Blaise Diagne International Airport (DSS) in Diass, near Dakar: the main international airport serving Dakar and the rest of Senegal.

 Main Ports for shipping from China to Senegal

In China:

  • Port of Shanghai – The busiest port in China and the world, handling massive cargo volumes.
  • Port of Shenzhen – A major port in southern China.
  • Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan – One of the busiest ports in China.
  • Port of Hong Kong – A key international shipping hub.
  • Port of Guangzhou – Major port in southern China.
  • Port of Qingdao – An important northern Chinese port.
  • Port of Tianjin – Another major northern port.
  • Port of Dalian – Significant northeastern port.
  • Port of Xiamen – Major port on the southeast coast.
  • Port of Yingkou – Port in northeastern China.

In Senegal:

 Main Ports for shipping from China to Senegal

The Port of Dakar– The primary destination port for shipments from China to Senegal.

Shipping Costs From China to Senegal

Considering shipping from China to Senegal, your costs will vary widely depending on the method of transport and the size of your shipment. Having a firm understanding of the various costs associated with different shipping options is crucial for budget control.

Air Freight Costs From China to Senegal

The cost of air freight is typically calculated by either the actual weight or the volumetric weight of the goods, whichever is greater. Rates fluctuate based on several factors including fuel prices, seasonal demand, and available capacity

Air Freight Rates

The typical air freight rate from major airports in China (Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen) to Dakar’s Blaise Diagne International Airport in Senegal ranges from $5 to $12 per kilogram.

For example, rates from Guangzhou to Dakar are quoted at $5-$6.5 per kg.

Rates can vary slightly depending on the airline used (e.g. Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines).

Minimum Chargeable Weight
There is usually a minimum chargeable weight of 45kg or more for air freight shipments.
Shipments below this weight may be charged at the 45kg rate.

How Much Does Container Shipping Cost From China to Senegal?

Container Shipping Routes Container TypeSea freight rates from China to Senegal
Shanghai, China- Port of Dakar20ft container FCLAverage Rates: $2850 20FT
40ft container FCLAverage Rates: $4150 40FT
Shenzhen, China- Port of Dakar 20ft container FCLAverage Rates: $3150 20FT
40ft container FCLAverage Rates: $4850 40FT
Ningbo-Zhouhsan, China- Port of Dakar20ft container FCLAverage Rates: $3150 20FT
40ft container FCLAverage Rates: $4850 40FT
Hongkong, China- Port of Dakar20ft container FCLAverage Rates: $3150 20FT
40ft container FCLAverage Rates: $4650 40FT
Guangzhou, China- Port of Dakar20ft container FCLAverage Rates: $3150 20FT
40ft container FCLAverage Rates: $4850 40FT
Qingdao, China- Port of Dakar20ft container FCLAverage Rates: $3150 20FT
40ft container FCLAverage Rates: $4850 40FT
Tianjin, China- Port of Dakar20ft container FCLAverage Rates: $2850 20FT
40ft container FCLAverage Rates: $4050 40FT
Dalian, China- Port of Dakar20ft container FCLAverage Rates: $3150 20FT
40ft container FCLAverage Rates: $4850 40FT
Xiamen, China- Port of Dakar20ft container FCLAverage Rates: $3150 20FT
40ft container FCLAverage Rates: $4650 40FT
Yingkou, China- Port of Dakar20ft container FCLAverage Rates: $3150 20FT
40ft container FCLAverage Rates: $4850 40FT

Cost of Shipping 20ft & 40ft Container from China to Senegal

For an at-a-glance understanding of container shipping rates, you can consider the following table that provides a general idea of the ocean freight rates per container:

Container SizeAverage Cost Range
20ft$2,850 – $3,850 USD
40ft$3,050 – $5,850 USD

*Please note that these figures are estimated averages and can vary depending on the shipping line, seasonal factors, and the specifics of your shipment such as the need for additional services.

Transit Times for Shipping From China to Senegal

Air Freight Times from China to Senegal

The typical air freight transit time from major airports in China (Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen) to Dakar’s Blaise Diagne International Airport in Senegal is 3-8 days.

How Long does It Take to Ship a Container from China to Senegal by Sea?

  • Typical Sea Transit Time: 17-45 days
  • The following table shows the  rough sea transit times for shipping from China to Sene
From(Port of departure)To(Port of Destination)Transit Times(days)
ShanghaiPort of Dakar35
ShenzhenPort of Dakar40
NingboPort of Dakar38
Hong KongPort of Dakar39
GuangzhouPort of Dakar40
QingdaoPort of Dakar42
TianjinPort of Dakar42
DalianPort of Dakar17
XiamenPort of Dakar20
YingkouPort of Dakar20

Factors Affecting Your Shipping Transit Times

1. Shipping distance and route complexity
2. Mode of transportation 
3. Port congestion and efficiency
4. Weather and seasonal conditions
5. Customs and border issues
6. Carrier schedules and capacity 
7. Type and handling of cargo
8. Unforeseen disruptions and events

It’s important to consider these variables as they can extend the transit time and affect the overall reliability and efficiency of the shipping process.

Tips for Mitigating Delays in Transit

  • Planning: choose the most reliable routes and carriers
  • Communication: maintain clear lines with all logistics parties involved

To ensure timely and efficient shipments, you should select the most reliable shipping routes and carriers. Proactively communicating with your logistics providers can help anticipate and mitigate potential delays, ensuring that your goods reach their destination in Senegal as planned. Further, staying informed about the procedures at both the origin and destination points can significantly improve the reliability of the shipping process.

Necessary Documentation for Shipping From China to Senegal

When you are shipping from China to Senegal, the timely management of documentation is crucial for a smooth customs clearance process. Here’s what you need to organize:

1. Commercial Invoice 
2. Packing List 
3. Bill of Lading (B/L) or Air Waybill (AWB)
4. Certificate of Origin
5. Insurance Certificate
6. Customs Declaration Forms
7. Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) or Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN)
8. Import Permit / License
9. Phytosanitary / Health Certificates
10. Fumigation Certificate 
11. Dangerous Goods Declaration

Correct and complete documentation is your key to avoiding delays. Missing or inaccurate paperwork can result in penalties, storage fees, or even the seizure of your cargo. Keeping these documents in order ensures that your shipment from China to Senegal proceeds without unexpected hiccups.

Duties and Taxes in Senegal

Tariffs: In Senegal, customs duties are levied on imported goods, and the rates are determined under the common external tariff (CET) of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). These rates typically range from 0% to 20%, varying with different categories of goods. For example, essential items may attract lower rates, while luxury goods are taxed higher.

  • Basic consumer goods: 0%
  • Raw materials, capital goods, specific inputs: 5%
  • Inputs and intermediate goods: 10%
  • Final consumer goods: 20%

Value Added Tax (VAT): Additionally, a Value Added Tax (VAT) of 18% is generally applied on the sum of the CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) value, plus duty.

Calculation of Taxes and Duties: The import tax and duties are typically calculated based on the CIF value, which includes the cost of the goods, insurance, and freight charges. For an accurate calculation of these costs, you can use tools like landed cost calculators that take into account the full HS code and additional compliance information.

Tax Threshold: It’s important to note that Senegal also has a tax threshold, meaning if the value of the item is below a certain amount, it may be exempt from duties and taxes. For up-to-date information on the tax threshold, check a reliable shipping and customs resource.

Custom Formalities

When shipping from China to Senegal, understanding and preparing for customs formalities is crucial. You need to ensure all documents are correctly filled out, and procedures are followed to avoid delays in customs clearance.

Customs Contact in China

For customs clearance in China, it is essential to have the contact details of the relevant authorities at your disposal. China Customs can be contacted for inquiries and support:

Customs Contact in China

Customs Contact in Senegal

In Senegal, getting in touch with local customs officials is key to a smooth import process. Senegal Customs provides assistance for customs documentation and clearance:

Customs Contact in Senegal

Prohibited & Restricted Items

Prohibited items are those that you cannot ship under any circumstances. They include:

  • Narcotics
  • Munitions and war ammunition (excluding collector’s items)
  • Pornographic publications
  • Hallucinogenic drugs not authorized by Senegal’s Ministry of Health

Restricted items are those that may require special authorization or conditions to be fulfilled before you can import them. These include:

  • Certain medications:Require specific approval from the Ministry of Health
  • Cultural artifacts: Must align with national regulations for cultural preservation
  • Agricultural products: Subject to inspection and quarantine rules to protect local ecosystems

Before shipping, ensure to obtain a Cargo Tracking Note (CTN/BSC), which is a mandatory document for all imports to Senegal. This serves as a waiver control and helps authorities monitor and manage the importation process.

Any breach of these regulations can result in severe penalties, including fines, cargo confiscation, or legal action. Therefore, double-check with the current customs policies for the most up-to-date list of items, as regulations may change.

Insurance for Shipping From China to Senegal

When you’re shipping from China to Senegal, securing your goods with insurance is a critical step for ensuring both safety and reliability during transit. As your products navigate complex international logistics networks, insurance provides a safety net against potential loss or damage.

Here’s what you should consider when selecting insurance for your cargo:

  • Scope of Coverage: Your insurance should cover the full value of the goods shipped. Confirm the extent of coverage, including whether it protects against theft, loss, or damage during all transportation segments.
  • Carrier Liability: Understand that carrier liability is often limited. For instance, without insurance, a shipper might receive minimal compensation, far below the cargo’s actual value.
  • Policy Details: Review the policy for specific terms and conditions. Some policies may offer coverage for customs rejection, natural disasters, and political unrest, which are important considerations when shipping to Senegal.
  • Claim Process: Familiarize yourself with the claims process to ensure a timely response in case of an issue. A clear and straightforward claims process will help mitigate the impact of any mishaps along the way.

Cost Considerations: Premiums vary based on the cargo’s value, the shipping route, and the level of coverage. It’s a worthwhile investment for peace of mind and financial protection.

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