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Welcome to Luckystar logistics, your reliable partner for land freight forwarding services. We understand that time is money, and that’s why we’re committed to delivering your goods on time and at an affordable cost.

With a team of experienced professionals, we offer a wide range of freight forwarding services, including domestic and cross-border transportation, customs clearance, warehousing, and distribution. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, and we work closely with them to ensure that their goods are transported safely and efficiently.

At Luckystar logistics, we pride ourselves on our regional and local expertise, enabling us to provide exceptional logistics solutions to our customers in the USA, Canada, Southeast Asia, and China. Our network of agents and partners around the world also enables us to provide comprehensive logistics services to destinations worldwide.

We offer competitive rates and flexible space support, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. Our focus on reliability, flexibility, and agility makes us the best choice for all your land freight forwarding needs.

To get a quote or learn more about our land freight forwarding services, please fill out our inquiry form, and one of our team members will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you for considering Luckystar logistics as your freight forwarding partner. We look forward to working with you and helping you grow your business.

Meaning of Land Freight Services

Land freight services are logistic solutions that allow goods to be transported from delivery points to the specified location over land through rail, trailers, or trucks. Land freight forwarding is mostly essential for short distances since it provides higher flexibility when picking shipments and offers you better options that meet your budget.

Modes Of Land Transport

The major modes of land transport are:

Road transport

Road transport

Road freight is the most common way of transportation among most countries. Its ease of access and low costs make it one of the greatest options. Land road transport allows you to ship any load, including dangerous goods. In Luckystar logistics, we use various ways like trucks and special vehicles to ensure we deliver our customer’s goods safely.

The international shipping industry depends on this due to its efficiency, reliability, and it is more cost-efficient than air freight. The type of road transportation we use relies on the kind of products and cargo to be transported and the distance of travel. If the distance is short and the luggage is light, we use a van or pickup. For larger shipment we use a truck.

Road transport

One significant advantage of using our road freight services is that it’s very flexible and we can adjust it to fit your shipment requirements. Additionally, we have appropriate insurance coverage to protect your goods against accident during transportation.

Railway transport

Railway transport

This is another popular type of land freight transportation where a train runs over specialized structures called railroad or railway line. It can be motorized or electrical and the trains can stop at specific stopping stations.

Rail freight offers significant advantages compared to road freight. First and foremost, shipping via train is environmentally friendly since it produces low exhaust emissions. Compared to other transport modes like sea and air, rail is the most eco-friendly option.

Additionally, you can transport massive amounts of cargo using rail. Trucks have limited cargo capacity, but train can carry large loads, including heavy machinery. This can be very beneficial if you haul high volumes of freight.

However, rail transport is inflexible. You can’t adjust it to suit your individual needs. Also, there aren’t guaranteed transit times, therefore, it isn’t suitable for time-sensitive cargo. And we need combine with truck to support door to door service.This may result in greater intermediate loading and unloading costs.

Benefits Of Land Freight transport

Road freight transportation offers a plethora of advantages. Some of the major benefits include the following:

Door-to-door services

Door-to-door services

The biggest benefit of using land transportation is that it supports door-to-door delivery. When you hire us for our land freight service, we will deliver your shipment to your doorstep, thus lowering your loading and offloading expenses.

It’s flexible

Land freight allows you to change routes and timings to suit your needs with minimal inconvenience. For example, you aren’t restricted to using only one road, but you can even use shortcuts and reach your destination on time.

It’s cost-effective

Land freight shipments are among the most cost-efficient means of transportation. Land freight requires a less complicated packaging method than other modes of transport, thus lowering the packaging costs.

It’s appropriate for short distances

Land freight is one of the best and most cost-effective ways of shipping cargo for short distances. There aren’t any delays during transportation since the goods are loaded directly onto trucks and transported straight to their destinations

Has better accessibility

Land freight, like road, is the most adaptable mode of transportation, reaching even the most remote areas. This makes it possible for door-to-door delivery of goods to unreachable areas.

There’s minimum risk of damage

Usually, there are high risks of goods damaging in transit. However, for land transport, the risks are minimal because there aren’t intermediate loading and handling of shipments. This makes this mode of transport suitable for fragile items like glassware, which are likely to break during transit times.

Shortcomings Of Land Transport

As much as land transport has numerous advantages, it has some setbacks. Here are some of its disadvantages:

It has a limited capacity

It has a limited capacity

The vehicles responsible for land freight movement are designed to carry only a specific load. This makes it difficult to transport heavy cargo via road. If you overload a truck, there are high chances of wreckage or even accidents. Additionally, shipping heavy cargo via road can be expensive due to extra loading and offloading costs.

It’s weather dependent

Undoubtedly, land transport can be hard to navigate during harsh weather conditions like storm or fog or snow, making it less reliable. Before using road transport, you must check the weather conditions to prevent delays and disappointing clients due to unfavorable weather conditions.

Unfit for long distances

As mentioned earlier, land transport is suitable for short distances only. It can be costly if used for longer distances. On the other hand, your goods may spoil, especially perishable products if transported for a long. In this case, we will use our air services to ensure your shipment arrives when fresh.

Prone to accidents

Road transport is known to be highly vulnerable to accidents compared to rail and air freight. This makes it less secure and predictable.

Traffic restrains

Traffic restrains

One of the major disadvantages of land transport is that there can be delivery delays due to traffic jams, especially at city entry and around industrial areas. This may inconvenience the arrival time of your cargo.

When To Use Land Freight Services

You may not use land freight services for all kinds of goods or all places. The best time to use land freight is when there are roads or rails connecting your country and the other countries you’d want to ship your goods to or from. Furthermore, for full truck loads, make sure you compare the prices with sea transport as some goods may be cost-efficient to ship via sea than rail or road. On the other hand, for smaller shipments, go for LTL services as they’re more economical.

Types Of Land Freight Shipments We offer

Less than truckload (LTL) shipments

LTL shipments involve the transportation of goods from 150 to 15,000 pounds. It’s effective for both local and international land freight shipments that occupy below 24 feet in a truck and consists of a maximum of six pallets.

In less than truckload, you book a particular truck capacity, meaning you can share costs with other companies that require similar services. This makes it more economical when shipping lighter cargo. Our LTL services are exceptional as we make it simple and possible for our clients to ship smaller cargo cost-effectively.

Full Truckload (FTL) shipments

In full truckload freight, you book the entire truck and your shipments and we transport your shipment from loading site to recipient location without intermediate loading. You can select this option if you need to avoid stopovers, require full container load, or when you’re in a hurry. On top of that, you can use it when shipping sensitive products that shouldn’t be transported with other cargo.

Temperature controlled shipments

Temperature controlled shipments

As local and regional experts, we have refrigerated trucks that can help our clients ship temperature sensitive products. We ensure that these goods reach the recipient location undamaged and intact. The greatest and most significant advantage of using temperature-controlled trucks is that it keeps your sensitive goods from deteriorating and losing their value in transit.

Other Options Of Transportation

In addition to embracing land transportation for shipping, we also combine other alternatives to overcome any inconvenience caused by the road. This ensures that your goods reach their destination at the stipulated time and in the best condition. The other means of transport we use at Luckystar logistic are:

Sea transportation

Sea transportation

Arguably, sea transport is one of the most popular ways of shipping goods from one country to another. This popularity is because you can ship vast quantities of cargo at a lower price. Additionally, you can use the same shipping containers for land or rail transportation.

However, shipping goods by sea freight can be slower and affected by extreme weather conditions. Moreover, tracking your cargo can be difficult, and you may need additional transportation for your goods to the final destination.

Air transport

Air transport

Air transport is among the fastest ways of transportation for global trade. It’s mostly used to transport perishable goods due to its fast speed. Furthermore, unlike land transport, no physical barriers may impact its speed. Luckystar have sales contract with airline.

Despite that, air transport is costly and has a limited capacity. It isn’t fit for bulky cargo.


Shipping is one of the most vital processes in any business. The wish of every enterpreneur is to see their cargo arrive safely and in optimum conditions. However, the company you choose can have significant impacts on your final outcomes. For this reason, you need to be carefully and don’t settle on any organization. Luckystar logistics is the best and most reliable land freight service provider. In addition to rail and road services, we offer air and sea freight services.

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