Shipping from Thailand to USA

Thailand is a land of opportunities for many entrepreneurs who need different well-made goods for bulk purchases. You can buy almost anything you want in Thailand and ship it out to another country where you can resell it to make a significant profit. This is one of the reasons why we have focused on making shipping from Thailand to USA easier and more efficient for investors in the USA. The shipping costs we offer for these deals are reasonable, and we go further to help our customers enjoy additional benefits like negotiating better rates and ensuring they get the correct documentation for their shipment delivery.

We have gained massive experience when handling shipping from Thailand to USA, and now we leverage our vast knowledge about customs fees, customs clearance, and other factors about sea freight and air freight shipping from Thailand to USA. Our goal is to ensure you can make proper arrangements with a manufacturer in Thailand, make several purchases, and get your container load delivered to your warehouse without any issues with shipping services.

We strive to maintain our glowing reputation as air freight shipping agents and ocean freight forwarders for all your international shipping from Thailand to USA.

Who Can Ship Goods from Thailand to the USA?

Anyone can take advantage of the economic business opportunities that Thailand has to offer entrepreneurs. You can hire us as a reliable air freight shipping and sea freight forwarder from Thailand to the USA once you meet all the conditions for the process. This involves knowing Thailand’s regulations about shipping goods out through their borders and also the USA regulations for such deals. You will be able to execute the deal once you meet the requirements presented in both countries.

These are quite complex processes but can be done without stress with our help. We understand all that is needed and how you can buy several fast-selling products for quick shipping from Thailand to USA.

You can also ship personal belongings from Thailand to the USA. The scope of sea freight and air freight shipping is limitless. If the product can fit into the cargo space, you can hire us to get it to your preferred location in the USA.

How to Ship Products from Thailand to USA

The elaborate process of shipping different products from Thailand to any part of the USA involves different factors. The factors include the port of departure and entry into the USA, the type of products you want to ship out, shipping cost, and the container load. These factors can also influence the final fees you will need to pay for the whole process. Some people ship our full container load, while others prefer to ship our less than a container load via sea freight. The custom fees must also be considered.

Here are the steps to follow when you need to ship a container load from Thailand to USA:

Agree on What You Want to Buy

There are many products available in Thailand, and you should decide on your investment. This is the first step to shipping goods to your county. You should consider some essential products you buy often and how you can get these products at a cheaper rate in Thailand. Then proceed to set the funds aside for the investment after finding out the costs.

Once you have clarity about the products you want to invest in and ship to the USA, you can proceed to find a supplier.

Finding a Supplier for your Products

There are many mass producers and suppliers in Thailand. You can research and choose the best of them to contact. These suppliers have created a reasonable supply chain system that allows you to order and buy excellently designed products for your market. You can find several of them on the internet via their official websites. Also, consider asking other importers for referrals, as they may know reliable suppliers who can provide the quality of goods you need.

It would be best if you also read the reviews to ensure the supplier can deliver the products you need without any disappointment. Once you have found a supplier, you should contact them to discuss terms and agreements.

Contacting the Suppliers

Many suppliers you will find in Thailand can easily provide a full container load of the goods you need. However, if you want to start small, that will be fine. You can find manufacturers in Thailand with the resources and capacity to meet your needs. Contact the brands that make the top list of suppliers to discuss your needs.

Then, according to the agreement, make your payment, and they proceed to produce the products you need.

The Shipping freight forwarder

The shipping freight forwarder is responsible for sending your fcl or LCL shipping freight to your location. This is what we do. Following the customs regulations and other ocean freight standards, we will receive the produced goods when the goods arrive at the port of departure. Confirm and arrange the goods before sending the container load to your preferred location in the USA.

We will help sort out the customs and other air freight forwarder or sea freight fees for your container load. After that, we will help ensure customs clearance is as quick as possible to avoid unnecessary delays in the delivery.

Our goal is the make shipping from Thailand easier and faster. And we can accept your requests for express service when you need faster delivery. We are interested in starting long-term relationships in everything we do for our clients. We show this commitment by ensuring you understand the entire sea freight process and keep you updated with your shipment from the time it leaves the port of departure until it reaches your warehouse.

The united states shipping model is built to ensure their country stays safe and only legal products come in. Therefore, it is quite elaborate. However, we have done air freight and sea freight forwarder tasks too many times and understand the entire process. This is why you should hire our team to handle your shipping from Thailand.

Understanding the Paper Work Needed to Ship Goods from Thailand to the USA

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We have written about some of the essential documents needed to ensure the whole process of shipping from Thailand. It is quite a long list. However, when our team handles the process, you won’t need to bother about getting the correct papers. We have done this countless times, so securing the correct papers for sending shipments from Thailand to the USA is always successful.

Why You Need Paper Work to Send Shipments from one Country to Another

The paperwork for shipping from Thailand to another country like the USA is for different purposes. For example, some papers show proof of ownership, meaning you have fully paid for the products in the full container load. Also, other documents are for customs clearance and customs fees. You also need papers to indicate what is in the air freight or sea freight. Then some other papers show the port of departure, arrival port, and final destination. These papers show the entire map for your shipments, from the manufacturer’s factory to your location.

You may also need to show papers to cover excess baggage and confirm you have obtained the necessary papers for sea shipping using the chosen shipping mode we plan to put your goods in. International shipping is quite a sensitive area because of international security and safety, so we understand why the entire customs regulations and other factors in the logistics industry are in place.

Shipping Documents You Must Have for all Shipments

Below, you will read about some of the essential shipping documents to have for each full container load you have purchased and wish to send from Thailand to the USA.

Commercial Invoice

The commercial invoice is an important document when shipping from Thailand to the USA because it is proof you have fully paid the accurate price for the products. The invoice also helps you keep proper records and for accuracy when comparing prices. The invoice must feature essential information like

  • The buyers’ name and address, as other contact information,
  • Shipment destination
  • Customs agency for clearance
  • HS code and goods description
  • The actual value of the goods

The information on your commercial invoice will eventually be used to correctly calculate your customs fees and clear the goods at the port of arrival. The commercial invoice is important because it features both the information about the purchase and payment and air q or sea freight details.

Bill of Lading

This is another essential document that proves you are the owner of the goods in the full container load we are sending to your location in the USA. In addition to that, the bill of laden also stands as the indication you have an agreement with us to act as the ocean freight forwarder for your container load. We hand over the bill of lading to the owner after delivering the shipment as proof of completing the contract.

You can also use the bill of lading to track your shipment when it is in transit or before it leaves the port in Thailand. It is also an essential document you will need if the need to file for an insurance claim ever arises.

The standard segments on a bill of lading will feature the shipment details, information about the contract, and loading details, which show that the customer’s entire purchase has been loaded onto the ship.

The bill of lading may also feature information about the pick-up details. This is necessary when the customer has made specific requirements about picking up the goods from the manufacturer’s location or when it arrives at their preferred port in the USA. You will also find information about markings and labeling on the packages contained in the shipment for easy sorting and confirmation before and after shipping. Overall, the bill of lading is a very important document all shipments must be accompanied by for the process to be completed.

Packing Information

This document is a list of the goods in the container, including a description of the items, packaging methods, and information about the nature of the goods in the container. From the information in this document, you can reveal whether there is any hazardous content in the container or if it is safe for everyone involved in the shipping process. The packing information also confirms that the goods will remain in good form during the transit time. The document may also feature the weight limit for the shipment.

The manufacturer prepares this packing information. However, the list may be altered if the freight forwarder needs to repackage the goods for any reason. Then, the new adjustment will feature the changes on the list.

The freight forwarder presents the packing information document to the customer when they have delivered the shipment. The customer will need to sign the document after confirming they have inspected the goods and everything is correct.

Safety Sheet

This document reveals information about tests and assessments done to show the goods are not hazardous or contain chemicals that may cause pollution in any way. On the other hand, the safety sheet may show that the content of the shipment is hazardous and all the procedures are done to protect everyone handling the products during shipping.

The manufacturers are in charge of making the safety sheet featuring all essential data. If the container accommodates goods like explosives, the manufacturer will need to include a UN number on the datasheet before it can pass through customs clearance.

The Freight Note

This is the document that serves as an agreement between the customer and the freight forwarder. This document confirms the freight forwarder has been hired to ship the products from Thailand to the USA.

The information on the document will show the estimated cost of shipping the goods from Thailand to the USA, shipping times, type of goods, shipping options like direct flights, and weight limits.

Overall, the freight note shows the customer a whole view of the expenses for shipping their products from Thailand to their warehouse in the US.

Certificate of Origin

This is a simple document showing the manufacturer’s details and where they have produced the goods. For example, if the goods are to be shipped to San Francisco, the certificate of origin must show where they have been produced in Thailand, the manufacturer’s declaration that the goods are up to standard, and the inspector’s confirmation of the claims the manufacturer has made about their products, before shipping. The certificate of origin is needed for LCL shipping and full containers, whether personal belongings or excess baggage.

The certificate of origin is often among the top documents needed for customs clearance. Therefore, you must have it handy when presenting a container for clearance in the united states shipping policy.

Additional Documentation

The information above contains the top list of documents you should have with your shipment to the USA. However, you may also include documents like particular instructions for shipping if the goods are hazardous and require special care during handling. Also, to avoid delays, it is essential to include the documents that confirm the shipping schedule has been booked and confirmed for loading onto the ship. This document will make things go faster when the loading boys have to confirm the container is scheduled for loading at the time you or your representatives present it.

Our Strategy to Make Shipping from Thailand to the USA Easier for You

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We discovered many business people struggle with putting together the necessary documents needed to ensure their goods are shipped from Thailand to the USA without stress. These issues usually happen due to mistakes in collating all the necessary documents and also preparing or presenting the documents at the right time. To help our customers overcome this process, we have a top list of all the documents needed for each shipment. We will do an assessment to know the correct documentation needed for your shipment and present this list to your team before or during the submission of a quote for the job.

Using our list will help speed things up when you are preparing to send your goods from Thailand to the USA. You will also find it easier to avoid common mistakes that could cause unnecessary delays when you need to ship and have your products delivered without delays.

Getting Insurance for Your Goods

It is always a great idea to secure proper insurance coverage for your shipment from Thailand to the US. Thankfully, there are many insurance options to choose from, but you should make the best choice because not all insurance options may apply to your situation. For example, you may need a lower range insurance cover because of the type of goods you are importing into the USA. However, other business people may need much more comprehensive insurance because of the type of their goods.

You can determine the best insurance coverage for your shipment if you understand how it works. Getting the right insurance coverage will also help you avoid paying more money than necessary for the shipment. You may fall victim to exploitation if you do not know much about getting insurance for your shipment. Hence, it is best to allow someone with the expertise to handle it. The other options are to hire the services of an insurance broker or allow your freight forwarder to handle it for you.

We can provide guidance and assistance to secure the appropriate insurance for your goods while it is in transit time. The goal is to use an air freight shipping mode or sea freight service that guarantees your interests are protected.

Insurance cover costs may depend on factors associated with shipping your goods from Thailand to the United States. These factors will vary, depending on your particular circumstances. For example, you may need to pay a higher insurance fee for ocean freight when the transit time is very long. The duration of the shipping mode will mean the risks are higher during transit time. That is why you may pay more for ocean freight than sending your goods over via direct flights.

Also, the shipping mode, for example, full container load or LCL shipping mode, will influence the insurance fees you are asked to pay. And, if you have excess baggage, you may have to pay an additional fee to cover the extra load in your container.

Taking insurance for your air or ocean freight shipping from Thailand to the US is essential, especially when you have excess baggage. The insurance protects you from unforeseen risks or situations that could happen while your goods move from one port to another.

Insurance Costs

You can find out an estimated value of the costs needed for your insurance coverage. You can find this cost by calculating 0.5% of the total cost of goods you are shipping from Thailand to the US. However, the rates may vary because some insurance providers will offer 0.3% of the total value of goods you are shipping. Using our team is the best way to get a better bargain when seeking a lower insurance premium for your good. We understand how the insurance works and can negotiate a fair deal for you and help you save money without compromising your insurance coverage for the goods you are shipping.

Helping You Prepare for Customs Clearance

Getting your goods to the US is only part of the process. You also have to ensure everything is in place to pass customs clearance. We can help in this aspect. We have been dealing with the customs department in different countries and understand what they need before clearing goods.

The goal of handling customs clearance is to know their official requirements. We leverage experience to meet these conditions without error. This way, we can confirm the products are not for personal use and have been bought at the right price. We will also accurately calculate any attributed costs to ensure there are no delays during customs clearance.

We guarantee our team will provide the cheapest way to go through customs checks. It is best to approach customs checks fully prepared. Then you can avoid unforeseen events that may delay your goods and cause you to pay avoidable penalties.

Customs Clearance Process

The customs clearance procedure can be straightforward when you know what to do about it. The customs officers work with a particular procedure and have rules and regulations. When you present your goods for clearance, a customs officer will first scrutinize your paperwork. This is quite a long process because of the long list of documents you need to attach. After confirming your correct documents, they will proceed to the next part of the customs clearance.

The next step is calculating the customs duties you will need to pay to clear the goods you have imported into the US. This is a quick step. You can check the value they give you to pay to ensure it is correct. Then, make the payment at their designated payment portals, online, or as advised.

After confirming you have paid the customs duties in full, the officers can release the goods to you. We can make this process much easier by leveraging our experience to prepare thoroughly for customs checks. Feel free to ask about customs clearance and how we can support you during the talks to secure our services as your freight forwarder.

What Influences Freight Fees?

One of the significant factors that can determine the freight fees you will need to pay is the services you will get from the freight forwarder. The freight forwarder has the experience and resources to offer a whole range of services, from packaging and listing your goods to insurance brokerage, shipping, customs clearance, etc. The customer will need to select which services they need and what they can handle independently.

When shipping from Thailand, you can choose any of the most convenient services. The final list of services you need will affect your bill from the freight forwarder.

Also, you may pay different rates when shipping using EXW incoterm or FOB incoterm. International commercial terms, also abbreviated as incoterm, are rules that guide the billing for shipping via air freight or sea freight. However, you may pay a lower rate for FOB incoterm if it is the most suitable option for your shipment.

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