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Luckystar Logistics is a leading China freight forwarder offering global door-to-door logistics solutions. Our goal is to provide quality services at affordable shipping costs while focusing on flexibility, agility, and reliability.

We have a great team of experts with over 20yrs of experience in logistics. Our customs clearance department is dedicated to offering timely clearance of cargo and, at the same time, observing custom compliance policy to ensure your goods are delivered on time. More so, we offer express shipping to avoid delays.

We also offer to work out all customs procedures, pay customs duty on your behalf, and deliver your goods safely to your doorstep.

Shipping method and Services

As mentioned, we offer international shipments across China, Canada, the USA, and Europe. The main shipping methods we use include the following:

Air freight from China to UK

Air freight is the best option regarding matters of urgency and fragile goods. Here at Luckystar, we provide superior air freight services and guarantee the safety of your cargo all through the transit from China to the UK. We also ship all types of cargo, whether bulky or lightweight, as long as they can be shipped by air.

Air transport

We also go out of our way to arrange shipping depending on your needs, including shipping prices, designated location, and transit time, while maintaining the air restriction policies.

Usually, our air freight only includes transport from the supplier to the shipping port, from the destination airport to the final shipping point, and the customs clearance on arrival when you purchase our ‘all included’ shipping package

Why us for your air freight shipping from China

Our main objective is to offer effective and affordable logistic solutions for every situation. We also aim to continue our partnership, ensuring mutual benefits and total devotion.

Another objective is to build ourselves to be one of the most significant freight forwarders from China to UK and worldwide. We’re defined by our affordable worldwide shipping rates and lean supply chain. We have contracts with airlines and all necessary licenses for shipping small and large packages from China.

Benefits of air freight

One of the reasons to use air freight is that it’s the quickest means to receive your purchases, meaning it has the shortest transit time compared to other modes. Air freight is the best option when you want to receive your cargo as quickly as possible.

Also, air freight has fixed arrival and departure times, making it a convenient and sure way of shipping your cargo. More so, it has a wide delivery coverage that helps you ship from China to the UK or other parts of the globe, helping you create a larger customer base.

With air freight, you save a lot because you spend less money on packaging materials because it requires less packaging. Also, the insurance premiums involved in air freight are low because its transit time is shorter than sea, road, and rail freight. Of course, air freight may be a little more expensive, but with the reduced insurance rates, there’s not much difference.

Airports have strict management and safety policies that ensure high security and lower damage and theft risks. This makes air freight the perfect way to move fragile products from China to the UK compared to rail and sea freight.

Shipping by air relieves you of the hassle of worrying about the whereabouts of your cargo. Airplanes don’t divert from their course unless there’s a diverse condition, engine damage, or anything else that makes it almost impossible to fly.

You can track your shipment through a live tracking mechanism. Our staff will also personally oversee your cargo, reporting every development to you.

Air Freight Screening

Your shipment must be inspected with safety and security standards before loading into a plane. The process of inspection is what we call cargo screening. With us, we have experts who can pre-expect your cargo and point out things that may be an issue with the security inspectors. There the primary and secondary screening approach.

Primary Screening Approach

The primary screening approach includes various procedures, such as:

  • Visual check: This type of screening involves a manual inspection by an expert. It’s mostly done after the x-ray inspection to ensure everything’s on the shipping list.
  • X-ray inspection: It’s the most common screening procedure used to inspect luggage in the airport. However, the ones used to screen cargo is more complex, powerful, and larger. Regardless, the inspection process is still the same.
    However, x-ray inspection doesn’t work well with liquids. You have to ship your liquid in a metal container which is nearly impossible to scan. So, if you’re planning to ship anything in its liquid form, ensure you consult us about it first so that we advise you accordingly.
Secondary screening approach

The secondary screening technique includes the following:

  • Detection dogs: This involves using dogs trained to locate explosives and drugs. They warn the inspectors of any illegal substances in the packages.
  • Finding explosive traces (ETD): Inspectors use these detectors to pick up explosive substances. They use trace detection to pick up on invisible quantities of explosives.

Road freight from China to UK

We use trucks to pick up your products from your supplier’s location to the shipping ports and terminals. It’s not ideal for transporting goods from China to the UK, but it plays a vital role in the shipping process.

Land Cargo Insurance

Rail freight from China to UK

We’re among the best freight forwarders in China, whether by air, sea, or rail. We provide rail freight services at competitive prices and have a team of well-trained rail shipping professionals committed to their work.

Railway transport

We offer to have the best services for you on your transit from China to the UK. Rail freight is the best solution for shipping goods in some cases because it can transport a full container load at once without dividing them into halves. Our container shipping rates are affordable, and you’re unlikely to find such deals elsewhere.

Sea freight from China to UK

China offers the best prices for goods and considering purchasing it from there is probably your best bet. However, getting your goods from China to different clients worldwide will need you to transport them all the way. This is where we come in.

Our sea freight rates are very competitive. However, you’ll have to pay for China Ocean shipping costs for us to ship your purchases directly to your customers.

If shipping directly from China to UK, it may take up to 60 days, depending on your container load, destination, origin, and whether the shipment is express shipping or port-to-port.

In our freight package, we offer the following deals:

  • Less than container load: LCL shipping from china to the UK is one of the options we offer in our sea freight. It involves shipping your goods in the same container with shipments from other owners. It’s economical because you cost share the shipping fees with the others.
  • Full container load: Unlike LCL shipping, the FCL shipping option allows you to ship from china to the UK using your own container. It’s the best option when you want to ship larger cargo.

Our shipping services from China to UK

The shipping services we offer to all our clients include the following:

Door-to-door shipping

Door-to-door shipping, also known as express shipping, is one of our most highlighted features. It’s ideal for smaller packages like samples. It’s fast, and as the name suggests, we deliver products directly to your doorstep and include all custom clearance charges in your shipping costs.

Express shipping may take 1 to 3 days. However, the shipping price increases with an increase in speed. This means you’ll have to pay more for your products to arrive sooner when you ship from China to the UK.

We take responsibility for all processes when you ship from china to the UK. This includes container loading, port arrival, door delivery, and return to the shipping ports. Also, we’ll ensure to provide you with all the necessary import and export freight documentation for a seamless transaction.

20tk cargo

Luckystar has a rental service for a 20′ tank container, ensuring you have a truck to load and transport your container load to its final destination.

Haz cargo

We are very particular about the transit of hazardous goods. We ensure we transport it with care from China to the UK, ensuring we adhere to all protocols related to the shipping of dangerous products.

Warehousing services

Any serious company invested in logistics and transit of goods should have a warehouse because it’s one of the most important components in the supply chain. We personalize services to meet your needs and demands. Our operational model is suitable for all seasons, multifunctional, and serves all customers.

We use the standard warehouse management system to improve our services. With it, we can manage all warehouse operations and inventory efficiently. The system also helps us track all products coming into and leaving the warehouse, ensuring your goods are safe at all times.

Why use our warehousing service?

We’re the best warehouse in town because we have the best packages. For one, we provide long-term and short-term storage services for all our clients.

Another reason to consider our warehousing services is that we take the responsibility of offloading goods from suppliers to our warehouse in our hands. You don’t need to hire extra manpower for the job or worry about the safety of your products.

With our warehousing services, you can be sure there’ll be no delays in your shipments because our services facilitate quick shipping. We process your order within a short period of time due to our excellent packing and labeling system.

Using our warehousing services, you can reduce the business risks involved in warehousing. We’re very effective in our services, do regular quality control checks, and ensure your goods are safe by providing excellent security.

Warehousing is one aspect that may affect your operating budget. Lucky for you, our warehousing rates are very affordable and inexpensive. However, the charges will vary depending on the type of good you’re storing, the space occupied, and the length. Long-term storage packages come with saving options for you by decreasing the charges.

Port services

Our shipping port services are top-notch. We ensure we receive, handle, load, and unload goods once they arrive at the port. We also try our best to ensure your goods arrive and leave the port at the specified time.

Customs clearance services

Our international shipping services package comes with a customs clearance service. We’ve also specialized in providing customs clearance services and have our own customs department that handles all shipment clearance, including UK shipping.

Our customs clearance team is experienced and well-trained to handle the UK customs authority and ensure all your shipment is cleared. However, it’s on you to have all the proper documentation, such as commercial invoice, shipping list, letter of credit, certificate of origin, manifest, bill of lading (if shipping by sea), and air waybill (if shipping by air). Also, remember to pay your import tax and cover all customs duties to clear your goods.

Insurance services

As much as we try our best to ensure your goods are safe, we can’t control some accidents. This is why you need to get insurance coverage for your goods. We help you insure your products and make a claim in case of damages.

Shipping agent services

Shipping agent services are one of the many factors that hike your shipping costs. The good thing is that we have you covered. We focus on providing the best agency services. We are consistent and reliable, the kind of partner every operator, vessel, and cargo owner needs.

Shipping from China to the UK

At Luckystar, you can leverage our friendly shipping prices and trained experts to ensure a seamless shipment. You have to follow a few steps before we can start your shipment process. These processes include:

Contact a freight forwarder

The first step to shipping your goods from China to the UK is contacting a China freight forwarder. We’ll then send you our shipping price quotation alongside our packages.

Acquire a shipping quote China to the UK

Once you’ve agreed to our shipping terms, the next thing to do is get a shipping quote China to the UK. We’ll help you analyze all the available options to ensure you acquire the best value.

Get freight insurance

Freight forwarders will be hesitant to ship your goods if you don’t have insurance coverage for your cargo. Getting insurance is crucial because it’ll help you recover your goods in case of damages or theft.

Luckily, we help you get good covers with the reputable partners we’ve been in business with. We’ll help you analyze different insurance companies until you settle for the one with the best deals.

Arrange for customs clearance

Customs clearance is the last shipping step. You must get your goods cleared by the UK customs authority for them to cross into the UK. For one, you must pay customs duty and have all the necessary documentation.

Luckystar is happy to help you clear your cargo with the UK shipping customs clearance authority. We are experts in providing customs clearance services, and nothing will make us happier than being able to help you with your shipment clearance from China to the UK.

Why choose us to ship from China to UK

You’ll find many shipping companies shipping from china to the UK, but you can’t pick just any. Before settling for one, you must consider various things, like their experience, partnerships with the authorities, licenses, and qualifications.

Luckily, Luckystar meets all your requirements. We’re proud providers of freight services. Whichever means you want, we got it. We provide rail freight services, air freight shipping, and sea freight shipping from china to the UK. Here are more reasons why you should choose us over other shipping companies;

Fair shipping prices

Here at Luckystar Logistics, we have the best shipping packages. Our shipping fees are very low and affordable. This is one of the main reasons you should ship from china to UK with us. We have partnered with many carriers, giving us an upper hand regarding shipping costs.

Highly trained professionals

How many times have you walked into an office, and the first thing you noticed is that the personnel isn’t well trained? Did you get your services there or look for a better place with experts? If you did, how were the services? Unsatisfactory right?

Well, you don’t have to worry about that with us. Our team comprises trained management experts with about 20 years of experience in the logistics-related field. We ensure all emplores have the necessary skills for your shipping demands from China to UK. We have trained them to serve you as best as possible, and you can be reassured of the best customer service.

Wide coverage

We mentioned before that we offer warehousing services. Well, that’s not all. Our warehouses are distributed in most parts of China. Where we don’t have, we’ve partnered with a warehouse in the area to ensure we offer our clients wider coverage.


Our objectives revolve around satisfied customers. We value your happiness and satisfaction over gaining profits, and that’s why we offer affordable shipping costs from China to UK. We emphasize the quality of services we offer to observe high standards.

Clearance services

We have a separate department that handles customs authority. We are the best freight forwarder from China to UK that offers clearance services with the UK shipping authorities. We clear all cargo for shipments as fast as possible for easy clearance and to ensure you don’t spend a lot of extra cash to ship your products all the way from China to UK.

The shipping documents you need to ship with us from China to UK

Whether you’ve done international shipping before or not, it may be difficult to remember all the relevant documents you need to ship from China to UK. Missing major documents can cause delays or even deny your cargo passage from China.

The good thing is that we have set aside enough time and manpower to help help you ship your goods. We ensure we educate our clients on the challenges of not having the correct documents.

Here are the main shipping documents you need to ship your goods from China to UK:

Commercial invoice

A commercial invoice is a critical foreign trading document issued by the seller. It provides evidence of the business transaction that took place between you and your supplier. For customs to allow your cargo passage, you must have this document in your possession.

Commercial invoice

A commercial invoice is used for duty determination, valuation, and importation control. The content of the invoice includes the product description, quantity, price, the receiver’s name, and shipment details, such as shipment ID, waybill number, terms of sales, and the purchase order number.

Bill of lading

Now, this is one of the essential shipping documents you shouldn’t miss. It’s the key to a successful shipment from China to Uk. It’s a contract between you, your supplier, and freight forwarder China to UK.

Bill of lading is evidence that all parties involved are aware that your packages are being shipped from China to UK. You’ll get the bill of lading after your cargo has left China for the Uk. This way, you’re sure your cargo is on its way.

If you’re using sea freight to ship your goods from China to the UK and your supplier releases ownership of the cargo to you, you’ll receive a seaway bill instead of an original bill of lading. If your choose to ship your cargo from China to Uk using air freight, then you’ll receive an airway bill instead.

Packing list

A packing list is also an important document for foreign trading. It shows that you, your freight forwarder, and your supplier know the contents of the packages, their dimensions, how it’s packaged, and the quantities. It ensures that you only ship the correct items across to the UK.

Certificate of origin (CO)

A certificate of origin certifies that your package’s contents have met the country of origin standards. In our case, it shows that your cargo has met China’s quality standards.

UK customs will ensure you have this document with you before allowing your goods passage into the country because it’s essential for determining customs duty. Also, it shows whether you have imported your goods legally or not.

You can receive two types of COs. They Include:

  • Preferential certificate of origin: A preferential CO certifies that your goods are subject to a reduction of tariffs when importing from China if it has a regional trade agreement with the UK.
  • Non-preferential certificate of origin: A non-preferential CO or a normal CO shows that your goods are not subject to preferential treatment.

Shipper’s letter of instructions

A shipper’s letter of instructions (SLI) isn’t one of the shipping documents, but it’s just as essential. It contains shipping instructions for freight forwarders to ensure the safe shipment of the products. It contains the shipping fees and billing terms, and other charges. However, it’s not a legally binding agreement but

Material safety data sheet

Material safety data sheet (MSDS), also known as safety data sheet (SDS), is paperwork that outlines the use, handling, storage, and safe disposal of dangerous chemicals.

You must prepare an MSDS if your shipment contains any hazardous products or chemicals. Also, you’ll have to abide by the regulations set by the international maritime organization regarding hazardous shipments.

The international maritime organization’s dangerous goods regulations code or the IMDG code requires the shipment to have a declaration from your packagers showing the information provided is correct. Also, the suppliers show that all hazardous goods are known, classified, packaged, placarded, labeled, and marked correctly.

Import license

Your freight forwarder must have an important license from their local authority for the product you’re importing. It provides security and protection against financial losses and legal disputes that may arise during your shipment from China to UK.

It should contain financial and commercial information on the cargo you’re shipping from China to UK. These details include the following:

  • Country of origin and destination
  • Manufacturer and supplier of goods
  • Payment method
  • Incoterms
  • Product’s tax classification
  • Product description


International commercial terms (Incoterms) are recognized rules that outline your responsibility as a seller. It’s critical to understand all of them because we’ll be using some of them to ship your goods from China to the UK.

We’re committed to taking you through all the incoterms and helping you choose the most suitable one, depending on your mode of transportation and delivery requirements. But before that, you should go through the incoterms and understand how they work. They include the following:

Free on board

FOB indicates the ownership transfer and the risk bearer. It could be FOB origin, meaning you’re solely responsible for the risks from the seller’s premises or FOB destination, where the seller is responsible till the final destination.

Free alongside ship

FAS requires the seller to transport goods to the port within the ship’s reach. From there, you’re responsible for all charges and risks.


EXW states that the seller is only responsible for shipping goods to a predetermined location, and you bear all the charges and risks.

Delivery duty paid

In DDP, your supplier bears all the shipping costs and risks involved when shipping from china to the UK. The supplier pays for all duties and import tax.

Cost, insurance, and freight

CIR requires your supplier to arrange for insurance and freight, whether air freight or sea freight. However, it’s on you to cover the costs and bear risks when shipping from china to the UK.

Cost of freight (CFR)

The seller clears the cargo for export, onboards them, and pays for the shipping cost, but the risk and other costs transfer to you.

Free carrier

When you use FCA as your purchase term, it’s your supplier’s obligation to ship your cargo from china to the UK or any named location.

Carriage paid to (CPT)

Your supplier incurs the shipping costs and bears the risks involved with the name location. However, the risks and costs transfer to you on the arrival of the first carrier in case of multiple LCL shipping.

Delivered at place

In DAP, your supplier bears all shipping costs and risks until the cargo arrives at its unloading point. The costs and risk of unloading transfers to you immediately after.

Carriage and insurance paid to

CIP incoterm requires the seller to ship your goods all the way from China to the UK to the specific location you want. Also, your supplier is responsible for the risks and costs involved in the shipment.

Delivered at place unloaded

DPU requires your supplier to avail the cargo at your disposal after offloading from the shipping port.

How Incoterms affect your shipments from China to the UK

As mentioned, incoterms are regulations that dictate duties and responsibilities associated with international shipping. For instance, when your supplier chooses EXW, you’re responsible for the shipping cost and associated risks. On the contrary, if the incoterm used is DDP, the supplier bears all charges and risks of shipping from china to the UK.

This means you must choose the right conditions for shipments, or else your shipping fee from china to the UK will hike. With us, you don’t have to worry about making such a decision alone. Our logistics team is well-trained and eager to help you understand and choose the best term.

Safety Guidelines For Freight Packaging

You must ensure that your freight is well-packaged according to safety standards. In doing so, you’re ensuring your products remain safe all the way from China to UK and arrive in good condition.

Here are some pointers for top-notch packaging

Label shipments

Packaging is one of the factors that affect your cargo shipment. It would be best to label your packaging accordingly for proper communication between you and the various contact points because it passes through various processing platforms.

Proper labeling ensures the process runs smoothly and gives detailed information on handling your cargo. Improper labeling may result in losses, time wastage, and cargo dames. Therefore, you should ensure your labeling outlines the following:

  • Shipping mark
  • Quantity of products shipped from China to UK
  • The average weight
  • Country and port of origin and destination

Quality boxes or cartons

Ensure the boxes or cartons you use to package your goods are of good quality. Under no circumstances should you reuse old boxes because they lose their structural quality whenever they’re used. By doing so, you rest assured that your package has the strength to sustain its contents and ensure the shipment’s safe arrival from China to the UK.

Factors that determine shipping charges from China to the UK

There are many factors that’ll affect your shipping cost from China to UK. Understanding these factors will help you have a clear picture of China to UK shipping costs you’ll have to include in your budget.

Luckily, you don’t have to go through the hassle of starting another research process. We’ve highlighted some of the factors that will determine the shipping prices we charge below:

Point of origin and destination

One of the factors that greatly influence the shipping cost is the distance. We charge our freight services depending on the distance we’ll cover when we ship your cargo from China to UK.

The further the destination point, the higher the charges. However, our shipping prices are reasonable and will fit well within your budget.

Quantity and weight of goods

The cargo’s quantity and net weight will also influence the shipping cost. Many shipping companies use the dimensional weight to calculate the shipping costs involved in shipping your goods from China to UK. However, you should note that this isn’t the actual weight of your imports.

Delivery speed

As mentioned earlier, we charge a higher shipping price when you use our express shipping services. This means that the delivery time greatly influences our shipping charges because a shorter delivery time increases your shipping from China to UK cost.

Packaging materials

Shipping companies use the dimensional weight to determine the shipping price from China to UK. This means that the weight of the packaging materials will influence your cargo’s net weight. Therefore, it would be best if you consider the packaging materials you use to ship your consignment from China to UK.

Customs duty

Customs clearance is the final and most critical stage of your shipment. Your imports are subject to customs duties, which are charged depending on your shipment size and type.


Insurance is another unavoidable factor that influences shipping charges. When importing your goods from China to UK, you must book insurance for cargo in case of accidents or damages. The coverage increases your shipping cost but ensures your goods are protected from risks.



Shipping from China to Uk can be an overwhelming experience for first-timers and frequent importers alike. It requires knowledge of logistics, regulatory requirements, and documentation. It’s such a hassle to do all this by yourself. Invest in us and let us be your trusted partner to ship your products from China to UK.

Our logistics team will ensure the safe arrival of your shipment to the named location. We guarantee you affordable shipping charges and top-notch services. Your shipment is always safe with us; the best China freight forwarders.

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