China Air Freight

China air freight

At Luckystar, we offer the best and most reliable air freight services for our customers and partners worldwide. Our team of experts ensures that your air freight is delivered timely, safely, and cost-effectively. We provide a wide range of air freight solutions tailored to meet your unique needs, including door-to-door, airport-to-airport, and charter services.

We work with a wide range of airlines and have a global network of agents to ensure that we provide comprehensive air freight services to all destinations worldwide. We handle all types of air freight, including hazardous and oversized cargo.

Due to the severe air restrictions, we make every effort to review your demands thoroughly. Our staff will guarantee you a freight solution that perfectly matches your expectations, demands, and the nature of your items after carefully considering your requests.

Why Choose Us

1. The Quickest Mode of Delivery

Compared to sea freight or road transport, air freight is, without a doubt, a faster option when your items need to be transferred quickly.

2. Reliable Delivery Timings

Flight arrival and departure timings are highly accurate because airlines frequently adhere to their timetable. This can be a welcome relief for business owners who must promptly deliver goods to customers. Since there are typically flights leaving every hour, even missing a flight wouldn’t cause much hassle.

3. Wide Delivery Coverage

The extensive network of destinations covers nearly the entire planet. This implies that you can ship the package to almost any location. Again this can present great opportunities for businesses that wish to reach more customers

4. Large Savings Due to Low Insurance Premiums

The insurance premium is lower for air freight because the distance traveled is relatively short. Even while air freight can be expensive, this results in savings because insurance costs are reduced significantly.

5. High Level of Security and Low Danger of Damage and Theft

Because of the strict management of airport safety controls over goods, shipping by air benefits excellent security. And tightly controlled airport security measures lessen the risk of theft and damage to the cargo.

Air freight is an excellent way to move delicate or precious goods, provided they are properly wrapped. Compared to sea freight, the damage is less likely.

6. Less Inventory and Warehousing Requirements

You don’t need to keep things in stock because air freight has quicker transit times, which reduces your demand for local warehousing. Since most goods are cleared in a matter of hours, customs clearance, cargo inspection, and cargo handlers are more effective. Consequently, businesses can spend less on the cost of renting a warehouse or managing inventory.

7. Requires Less Packaging

As opposed to ocean shipping, for instance, air shipments typically don’t need as much heavy packing. As a result, you can offer extra packing services for less money and effort

8. Efficient Tracking System

The procedures for air freight can be rigorous. The same procedures are used, making tracking your shipment easier. This live tracking mechanism is quite helpful. You will always be informed about the transport’s development, keeping your mind at ease.

From start to finish, our dedicated staff member will personally oversee your shipment. This ensures complete transparency and ongoing communication with you to keep you updated on the progress of your cargo at every step of the process.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require additional information regarding your cargo between China and America, Asia, Europe, or Australia.

Your preferred cargo advisor will clarify any queries or uncertainties you might have. We can offer customized solutions to meet your demands better, thanks to the robust network we have established throughout China and the rest of the world.

Objectives of Luckystar Air Freight Shipping in China

To continuously offer effective and affordable logistical solutions for various situations. Also, to continue engaging with our partners and clients and pursuing our partnership strategy. We are known for being devoted to our partners. Today, many businesses are curious about our group. We wish to uphold our excellent reputation.

Our second goal is to establish ourselves as a significant player in global e-commerce between China and the rest of the world. The company has complete control over the supply chain, including presence at the source, contracts with airlines, licenses to clear small packages, and last-mile agreements that let customers conveniently select a custom service and doorstep delivery. We delight in being one of the few businesses able to clear small packages to Europe and the rest of the world.

A Guide to Air Freight in China

Air Freight in China

Air freight guarantees the fastest transfer of goods from China to other parts of the world. However, it is not suitable for all kinds of shipments.

Cost Implication of Air Freight in China

Air freight is more expensive than sea freight for any items with a capacity greater than 1.5 CBM and a weight greater than 167 kg. The weight of the cargo typically determines the cost of shipping goods by air. However, additional fees can include shipping extremely large or unusually shaped items.

The best pricing is provided for products that fit into the standard-sized Unit Load Devices, or ULDs, that go into the front section of a plane’s cargo hold. These are typically 307 cm long, 213 cm wide, and 193 cm high. Air freight charges might vary greatly depending on what you are shipping and where it is going.

The faster travel options can also help businesses manage their expenses. Air freight is also the safest mode of transportation. However, air freight is far more advantageous in delay, despite its higher cost.

By choosing this service, you will reduce the likelihood of danger (breakage, theft, etc.) during the transportation of your goods. Knowing that your packages are transported safely and quickly will calm your nerves.

How to Calculate the Price of Air Freight in China

The weight of the cargo typically determines the cost of shipping goods by air. However, additional fees can include shipping extremely large or unusually shaped items. Although it could take a few extra days, using a consolidated freight route is typically less expensive than sending a direct shipment.

The best pricing is provided for products that fit into the standard-sized Unit Load Devices, or ULDs, that go into the front section of a plane’s cargo hold. These typically have 307 cm long, 213 cm wide, and 193 cm high.

Air freight charges might vary greatly depending on what you are shipping and where it is going.

Packaging Service – How to Ensure a Hassle-Free Shipment

air freight cargo

A smooth and successful shipment begins with the first step. Your shipment must be adequately protected to pass through numerous processes and checks. Your products will first be transported from the factory to the loading location.

Then, before departure, your package will be loaded into a container. Following unloading at the target warehouse, it will then be hauled there before being loaded once more onto a truck.

One of the most crucial things that must be considered with these handling activities is proper packaging. Our primary goal is to guarantee a secure shipping process from start to finish while avoiding any additional expenditure in the event of damages.

Safety Guideless For Air Freight Packaging

It is crucial to ensure that your air freight is packed to the highest safety standards. By adequately packing your air freight shipments, you can ensure their safety and security throughout the flight and the best possible condition upon arrival.

Correctly Label Shipments

Correct labeling of your shipments allows smooth communication between you and all contact points for the package. The item is handled on several platforms, and accurate labeling allows each platform’s processing to go smoothly. It provides detailed instructions on how to best handle your package. Time and money can be lost due to improper labeling. Proper labeling should include the following;

  • · The port and country of origin and destination
  • · Shipping mark for easy cargo identification
  • · Your shipment’s weight (in pounds and kilograms)
  • · Number of items and sizes (both in inches and centimeters)

Don’t Reuse Boxes

Boxes lose a significant amount of structural integrity with each usage, so try to avoid reusing them. If the box arrives in good shape after its initial use, it may be tempting to reuse it. But it’s important to realize that sometimes these boxes lack the durability to sustain repeated use without collapsing.

They are also quite susceptible to rain and humidity, which can seriously impair their structure. Your corrugated fiberboard boxes should only be used for one air freight cargo. In this manner, you may ship with assurance knowing that your container has all the necessary strength to safeguard your contents throughout transit.

Air Freight Screening

Air Freight Screening

Generally, before being loaded into a plane, a shipment is inspected for compliance with safety and security standards. This is known as air cargo screening.

Air freight is subject to the tightest screening. Before being loaded onto an aircraft, every piece of cargo must pass security inspections. This process is similar to regular luggage checks when traveling for vacation.

Types of Air Car Screening

Primary Techniques

X-Ray Inspection

The most common screening procedure is an X-ray. Since it’s used for your luggage in airports, it’s probably the one you’re most familiar with. The x-ray equipment used for aviation cargo is larger, more complex, and more powerful than those used for passenger security, but the procedure is the same. As goods move through, an x-ray beam is blasted at them to create an internal image. Security professionals examine this to make sure the items are compliant.

The machine will alert the operator if the x-ray intensity is insufficient to scan the cargo. In this instance, the items cannot be seen by the x-ray, necessitating the use of a different screening procedure.

Visual Check

This check is typically carried out by hand. A skilled staff member manually inspects the items to ensure they are prepared for carriage.

This frequently occurs after the x-ray inspection. Additionally, handlers verify that the consignment matches the paperwork supplied with it.

Secondary Approaches

Finding explosive traces (ETD)

These portable detectors can pick up a variety of tiny explosions. They operate by analyzing minute, imperceptible quantities of explosive vapor or particles around the cargo using trace detection. They will be operated by security personnel with training.

Detection Dogs

Dogs that have undergone extensive training are often used to find explosives or other prohibited items. They can warn package workers of even the tiniest explosive remnants within or near parcels. The canines are trained to the highest standards and regularly retrained.

An X-ray is a Reliable Tool for Screening Products

But there is more complication involved if you are moving liquids. Due to its composition, the liquid must be maintained in a suitable container, typically made of metal. These metal drums are challenging to scan, frequently requiring a secondary scan. Sometimes it is impossible to screen the cargo thoroughly, and the goods cannot transit.

Unfortunately, opening the package to obtain a swab sample is not allowed due to security concerns. So, if you’re shipping liquids, consult your logistics company and seek professional advice on the best product packaging.

Alternatives to Air Freight

The most popular options are air and sea freight. For instance, a container may travel from China to Houston in about two weeks. The average transit time for sea freight to Europe is 30 days. It takes roughly 15 days for rail freight travel from China to Europe.

Although more expensive than sea freight, it is faster. The Sea-Air method is also very cost-effective for international e-commerce businesses. It is typically used in South Korea, Singapore, and UAE.

Should I use Air Freight?

loading cargo onto an aircraft

Rigorous security measures reduce the likelihood of theft, and you can use them when there are deadlines, and you need your goods delivered as soon as possible. Air freight can be a beneficial option for commodities with a high added value, high density, or small volume, as was previously indicated. This option is also excellent when shipping your priceless or delicate items.

  • The shipping processes for this mode of transportation are relatively straightforward:
  • Pickup of the goods at your supplier’s address, followed by trucking
  • If necessary, packing and delivery to the closest international airport
  • The phase of custom declaration
  • Customs clearance for air freight (VAT and other taxes)
  • Delivery to your home or office

When to Use Air Freight

There are several things to consider when choosing appropriate shipping for your business. Air freight shipment over other shipping alternatives can impact your business reliability and prompt delivery of goods. Here are some essential things to consider guiding you on when to use air freight.


Consider using air freight if speed is a top priority for your shipment requirements. Air freight experiences much fewer delays than ocean freight, and your cargo is more likely to arrive at its destination on schedule. Airlines are not immune to delays, but a few-hour delay in air freight is much better than a day-long delay in maritime freight.


It’s also crucial to remember that shipping prices are determined by the weight and size of your product by airlines. If you’re delivering a larger product, it would be advantageous to check at ocean freight, which has the benefit of large shipping containers, as air freight shipping is generally confined by the shortage of capacity on aircraft. In a more specific context, ship smaller items via air freight and large shipments via ocean freight if a large container is required.

Frequently Asked Questions about Air Freight in China

Shipments of Air Freight

What would it cost to transport something from China to another country?

It depends on the kind of transportation you select. The cost of air freight, which arrives in 3 to 5 days, is often higher than that of sea freight, which could take up to a month. On the other hand, you must give us specific information about your cargo to determine the standard pricing.

What is the estimated transit time for my shipment to reach its destination?

For air freight shipments, the turnaround time is typically 3–5 days, and for sea freight shipments, it takes around a month. Please be aware that these transportation times cannot be guaranteed and may change depending on the final destination.

Could you suggest the most economical mode of transportation for customers?

Sea freight will be your best option if the cargo you purchase is huge and time is not a factor. However, if you are pushed for time, we advise using air freight, which could cost significantly more.

International Express is a far more practical and cost-effective option if you only need to ship a few small products. You can contact us directly via our online service or by filling out the form to receive further information.

Can You Safely and Reliably Transport Personal Effects?

Our air site operation team will carefully repackage your priceless item and choose the safest and most effective method of transportation.

How much information should I include when scheduling a shipment?

Please give our sales staff as much information as possible so they can reserve the best dates and prepare all the necessary documentation for your shipment.

How Should I Pick a China Freight Forwarder?

There are several obstacles to overcome when developing commercial relationships with Chinese enterprises; freight should not be one. Manufacturers should contract with a freight forwarding partner to handle the logistics of a shipment to ensure that they may save time and money.

Thanks to our long-standing business relationships with truckers, carriers, and warehouses, we can negotiate the most acceptable terms and services for you. All you need to do is tell us where and when to pick up and transport your consignments; the rest is up to us.

Which payment options should I select?

You can pay with Western Union, Wire Transfer, or PayPal. A full deposit will be required upon booking confirmation.

Are There Fees at the Destination?

The answer will change depending on the location. Charges for door-to-door consignments include the upfront payment of destination port/airport unloading, standard customs clearance, and delivery fees to your residence abroad. You will be responsible for paying the local unloading fee if your shipment is only being sent to the port or airport. Please get in touch with us for additional details.

What is AWB?

An air freight transport document is called an AWB or airway bill. Your shipment can be tracked using the Air Waybill number and flight details.

How Do Door to Door and Door to Port Differ From One Another?

Door to port refers to collection from the point of origin and delivery only to the port of destination, from which you must proceed independently. Door-to-door refers to collection from the point of origin and direct delivery to your home.

What Does Volumetric Weight Mean for Shipments of Air Freight?

The formulas for determining the bigger volume for light objects are listed below under the international air cargo agreement to charge for weight or volume. Height (cm), breadth (cm), and length (cm)

Have I got Insurance?

Under limited responsibility, the weight, not the value, of damaged or lost cargo is determined. This means there is no certainty that a carrier will be held liable for the full cost of the loss and damage, and your compensation may be considerably less than the items’ market worth. However, we advise that goods be appropriately insured.

Our Committed Team Is Ready to Assist You

To ensure you don’t have to worry about shipping goods or managing commercial invoices, we constantly look for methods to improve our China air freight shipping services. Additionally, our company has seasoned customs broker members that can secure favorable prices for your shipment.

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