Door to Door Shipping Service

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Door to Door Shipping Service

At Luckystar, we understand that timely and reliable delivery of goods is essential to your business success. That’s why we offer seamless and efficient door-to-door shipping services that cater to all your shipping needs.

Our expert freight forwarders will work out the best logistics plan. We will pick up your goods from the factory and deliver them straight to your preferred address, ensuring timely and safe delivery. We will solve all the problems encountered in the transportation process, ensuring you get the goods with less trouble and effort.

With a commitment to offering cost-effective and high-quality services, we go beyond your expectations to help you grow your business. Contact us today to get a quote and experience the best door-to-door shipping services in the market.

How our door to door transports work

Our door to door freight services cover all the essential steps required for transporting your shipment from origin to destination. After booking with us and arranging your load, you can relax and let our team handle the entire process. Here is a timeline of how the delivery service works:

Purchase of goods: A buyer locates the products manufactured by a foreign producer, places an order, and makes payment. At this point, the importer can even contact us for help with the ordering procedure. Our experienced freight forwarders will also ensure the commodities you are about to purchase are not on the list of prohibited goods.

Hiring a door to door shipping company: The buyer employs a door to door shipping company to be in charge of the shipping process. This involves setting up a contract with transparent terms and conditions.

Pick up and shipping to and from ports: Our freight forwarder picks up the goods from the producer’s factory or seller’s warehouse, loads them into a truck, and transports them to a seaport, airport, or rail line for shipping.

Pick up and shipping to and from ports

Customs documentation: At this phase, the forwarder submits the custom document required by the customs authorities. The documentation contains all the details about the cargo, like the value of the commodities, dimensions like weight, and the final destination it should be shipped to.

Freight journey: The goods are loaded into a container and transported to the shipping vessel for loading. Our experienced freight forwarders will liaise with the shipping carrier on the customer’s behalf to ensure the cargo gets a spot on the vessel. The voyage to the customer’s final address or buyer’s warehouse commences.

Freight journey

Delivery to your home: Once your cargo arrives at your port of destination, your/our broker will take care of customs clearance. For instance, they’ll have to pay tariffs to clear customs. After the cargo is granted release, our team will load it on a truck and transport it from the port straight to your doorstep.

Delivery to your home

Our door to door delivery service also handles the packaging of items before shipping to ensure they are safe from damage.

Tips on how to choose a door to door shipping service

There are many door to door shipping companies you can choose for your transportation needs. However, here are some factors you should consider to make a better selection:

Expertise: The business you hire should be highly experienced in offering door to door delivery services. One way you can confirm if the company has a solid reputation is by checking its Google ranking. If it appears on top of the search results, the forwarder is considered a trusted resource.

Technology: The logistics company should rely on cutting-edge technologies to offer high-quality services to clients. Fortunately, at Luckystar Logistic, we use creative technologies to ensure smooth delivery and excellent customer experience.

Convenience: The business you choose should provide a higher level of convenience. Essentially, your courier partner should operate around the clock to ensure they deliver your cargo at the right time and place. For business owners, this provides consistency in business operations by preventing issues such as understocking.

Punctuality: It’s best to work with a freight forwarder that respects deadlines by providing quicker delivery times.

Price: Actually, you don’t have to incur high costs for choosing a door to door transportation service. Therefore, select a partner like Luckystar that charge considerable prices for shipping services.

Cargo insurance: Confirm whether the company can help you insure your cargo and how the coverage works. Ideally, you’d want to choose a forwarder that ensures customers’ goods, especially delicate and pricey items, are protected.

Advantages of choosing our door to door shipping services

In today’s world, time is important, and any delivery delays may lead to significant losses that may hurt a company. Also, such inconveniences may result in a bad customer experience and damage a business’s reputation.

That’s why companies prefer collaborating with reputable door to door transport providers that can guarantee a safe and quick movement of goods. Below are some advantages of choosing door to door shipping:

Cheap shipping rates

Hiring different companies to handle cargo transportation at different phases of the supply chain might cost you more and even lead to losses. However, you can lower your transport costs by dealing with only one freight forwarder for the entire process.

Saves time and effort

While ordering goods online from a foreign or distant region is instant, the importation process from the port of origin to the port of destination may take longer. Fortunately, our door to door delivery services can hasten the entire process, ensuring you get your cargo in the right place at the right time.

Also, this will save you the stress of doing things yourself, like traveling to the port of origin to get things done correctly. A door to door delivery service like Luckystar Logistic takes full responsibility for shipping your goods to your chosen address. You don’t have to deal with complex procedures or many entities in the value chain. We aim to ensure you have adequate time to focus on your business operations.

Highly trained team

Our employees are extensively trained and can provide exceptional services to our valuable customers.


Our company highly values professionalism. Therefore, we have ensured our workers can perform their duties in the most efficient and respectful approach. This has enabled our company to build successful interpersonal relationships with our customers and ensure a lasting reputation.

Enjoy stress-free custom clearance

Enjoy stress-free custom clearance

Shipping goods from another country requires a lot of documentation and custom authorization. Luckily, our door to door shipping service provides you with the necessary help to ensure you complete the customs clearance process in your home country. Additionally, our freight forwarders will inform you about the specific dangerous goods or restricted items to avoid buying and all the required tariffs.

Streamlined shipments

Shipping different cargoes simultaneously may increase the chances of goods getting lost in transit. However, our tested door to door shipping service makes sure your goods are fully documented and transported using an insured container to your port of destination. We purpose to deliver goods that are in good condition.

The areas we offer door to door shipping services

The areas we offer door to door shipping services

We provide door to door cargo transportation to and from multiple countries. With our streamlined freight solution, you can skip the intermediaries, sit back and relax as your cargo is delivered to your doorstep. Below are our shipping routes:

● Shipping from China to the USA

● Shipping from Thailand to the USA

● Shipping from Malaysia to the USA

● Shipping from Vietnam to the USA

● Shipping from China to the UK

● Shipping from China to Singapore

● Shipping from China to Australia

● Shipping from China to Malaysia

Our crew is in charge of the entire process, from consolidation, container loading, arrival at the port, inland transportation, and door delivery. Moreover, we will provide you with the relevant shipping paperwork for every phase.

Cost of door to door transportation

Shipping costs may not be constant throughout the year since several factors influence them. Below are some of the aspects that may affect the overall cost:

Distance between the port of origin to the port of destination: When determining the delivery cost, shipping companies consider the distance between the port of origin where the goods are picked up to the port of destination where the items are delivered. You’ll probably pay more for a longer route and less for shorter distances.

Shipping season: Like other businesses, shipping rates are also affected by changes in forces of demand and supply. For instance, prices may be higher during the peak seasons due to the increased number of shippers and lower during the off-peak seasons.

Terminal fees: This is the fee your forwarder pays to the port authorities to dock the vessel. The costs vary by port and add up to your total delivery cost.

Price of fuel: Fuel costs fluctuate from time to time. Therefore, this may result in changes in shipping costs.

However, as a reputable company, our goal is to provide our valuable customers with cost-efficient shipping rates that they can afford regardless of any systemic changes. And if there’s any price modification, we will inform you ahead of time.

Cargo insurance support

An insurance cover protects you from losses in case your cargo gets lost or damaged. Particularly, you’d want a comprehensive insurance cover that guarantees total security from the pickup point to the final destination. Fortunately, Luckystar helps its clients insure their goods and make a claim in case of damage.

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