Shipping from China to France

Shipping from China to France

Key Takeaways:

How long does it take from China to France:

  • By air: Commonly 5-10 days
  • By sea: Comonly 30-45 days, depending on the shipping mode
  • By railway: Commonly 15-20 days

How much does it cost from China to France:

  • By air: Commonly €5-10/kg
  • By sea: For FCL 2000-5000 € and LCL150-300 €, depending on the shipping mode
  • By railway: Commonly €110-170

Shipping Methods from China to France

If you want to ship goods from China to France, you have three main shipping options to choose from: sea freight shipping, air freight shipping, and rail freight. 

 Sea Freight Shipping from China to France

 Sea Freight Shipping from China to France

Sea freight is a common and cost-effective method of transporting goods from China to France. There are two main sea freight options:

  • FCL (Full Container Load): The shipper has enough cargo to fill an entire shipping container. This is faster since only the shipper’s goods are in the container.
  • LCL (Less than Container Load): For smaller shipments, cargo is consolidated with other shippers’ goods to fill a container. This is more economical but has a longer transit time due to the consolidation process.

Sea freight is suitable for a wide range of products, and it can take large volumes and heavy goods at once. If you want to ship cargo from China to France, which may not be urgent, sea freight may be the best shipping solution for you. 

Air Freight from China to France

Air Freight from China to France

Air freight is another option, and it is a fast and reliable method for transporting goods from China to France, particularly for time-sensitive, high-value, or perishable products. 

Air freight increases security and reduces the risk of damage, which offers a more reliable and consistent delivery schedule.

Rail Freight from China to France

Rail Freight from China to France

When talking about rail freight from China to France, the China-Europe Railway Express (CRE) must be considered.

China-Europe Railway Express (CRE), also known as the China Railway Express, operates along three main corridors: the eastern, central, and western routes.

These routes pass through several countries, such as Russia, Belarus, and Poland, before reaching their destinations in Europe. While the eastern route primarily serves Chinese exports from coastal regions like Yiwu, the central route carries goods from central China and southern coastal provinces like Guangdong.

The CRE provides a faster transit time than sea freight, but the cost of shipping is a little bit higher.

The rail route is suitable for high-value industrial products such as vehicles, electronics, computer equipment, and promotional and seasonal products that require faster delivery than sea freight but at a lower cost than air freight.

What is the Ship Routes from China to France 

Sea Freight Routes from China to France

The main ports in France for receiving cargo from China are Le Havre, Marseille, Dunkirk, Fos-sur-Mer, and Brest.

  • Nansha (CNNSA) to Le Havre (FRLEH)
  • Shanghai to Le Havre
  • Ningbo to Le Havre
  • Shenzhen to Le Havre
  • Marseille (FRMRS) to Da Chan Bay (CNDCB)

Air Freight Routes from China to France

  • Beijing to Lyon
  • Shanghai to Paris
  • Shenzhen to Paris
  • Chengdu to Paris
  • Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG) to Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport (CKG) 

Rail Road Routes from China to France

The main freight train stations in France for cargo from China are Lyon and Paris.

  • Wuhan to Lyon
  • Zhongding Shanxi to Paris

How Much Does It Cost to Ship From China to France?

Sea Shipping Cost from China to France

Container shipping service from China to FranceType of containerOcean freight rates from China to France:
Shanghai China to Le Havre20 foot container FCLaverage price from: $3550 /20FT
40 foot container FCLaverage price from: $5000 /40FT
 Shenzhen China to Le Havre20 foot container FCLaverage price from: $3150 /20FT
40 foot container FCLaverage price from: $4850 /40FT
Ningbo-Zhoushan China to Le Havre20 foot container FCLaverage price from: $3150 /20FT
40 foot container FCLaverage price from: $4850 /40FT
 Hong Kong China to Le Havre20 foot container FCLaverage price from: $3150/ 20FT
40 foot container FCLaverage price from: $4850 /40FT
 Guangzhou China to Le Havre20 foot container FCLaverage price from: $3550/ 20FT
40 foot container FCLaverage price from: $5000 /40FT
 Qingdao China to  Le Havre20 foot container FCLaverage price from: $3550 /20FT
40 foot container FCLaverage price from: $5050 /40FT
Tianjin China to  Le Havre20 foot container FCLaverage price from: $3150 /20FT
40 foot container FCLaverage price from: $4850 /40FT
Dalian China to  Le Havre20 foot container FCLaverage price from: $3250 /20FT
40 foot container FCLaverage price from: $4650 /40FT
Xiamen China to  Le Havre20 foot container FCLaverage price from: $3050 /20FT
40 foot container FCLaverage price from: $5050 /40FT

Air Shiping Cost from China to France

Origin CityDestination CityAir Freight Cost (EURO/kg)
ShanghaiParisStandard: 4-8 
Express shipping: 8-10
Express shipping:8-15
Express shipping:8.2-9.5
Express shipping:6.5-9.5
Hong KongParisStandard:4-8
Express shipping:7-10
Express shipping:8.5-10
Express shipping:6.8-8.5
ChengduParisStandard: 3.12-5.8
Express shipping:4-7
Express shipping:7-9.5
Express shipping:6.5-9.8
QingdaoParisStandard: 5-6.5
Express shipping:6.5-9.5
Express shipping:6.8-8.5
Express shipping:9-15
Shanghai LyonStandard:3.5-7.5
Express shipping: 6.8-8.5
Guangzhou LyonStandard:7.2-9.8
Express shipping:6.5-8.5
Express shipping:7-10
Express shipping:7-8.5
Express shipping:8.4-9.8
Express shipping: 5-7.5

Rail Freight Cost from China to France

Net ton shipping costs by rail typically range from €110 to €170. 

Please note that the rates shown are only estimates to provide an indication of pricing. Actual quotes will vary depending on the specific details of the shipment, such as the goods, weight, dimensions, delivery timeline, and other requirements. We work with each customer individually to develop customized shipping solutions tailored to your needs and budget. You can expect competitive pricing that aims to deliver great value. 

Please contact us to discuss your shipping needs – Luckystar looks forward to putting together an unexpected price for you. We will offer you the cheapest way to ship your goods, we are your most trustworthy shipping company.

How Long Does it Take to Ship from China to France

How Long  Does Sea Freight from China to France? 

FromToTransit time
FuzhouMarseille24 to 30 days
ChinaMarseille30 to 35 days
Hong KongMarseille23 to 30 days
ShanghaiMarseille26 to 30 days
GuangzhouMarseille23 to 30 days
ShenzhenMarseille23 to 30 days
XiamenMarseille24 to 30 days
Tianjin Marseille25-35 days
Ningbo Marseille25-37 days 
Fuzhou Le Havre28-30 days
Shanghai Le Havre32-37 days
NingboLe Havre31-40 days 
QingdaoLe Havre31-35 days
DalianLe Havre34-38 days
Shenzhen Le Havre26-46 days
YinkouLe Havre20-25 days
TianjinLe Havre35-42 days
Xiamen Le Havre20-25 days

How Long  Does Air Freight from China to France? 

Origin CityDestination CityAir Shipping Transit Time
ShanghaiParis3-4 days
BeijingParis3-5 days
GuangzhouParis3-7 days
ShenzhenParis8-10 days
Hong KongParis2-3 days
ChengduParis7-10 days
ChongqingParis3-7 days
DongguanParis3-7 days
ShenyangParis5-7 days
Hong KongLyon 5-6days
ShanghaiLyon5-7 days
GuangzhouLyon5-7 days
ZhengzhouMarseille5-7 days

Factors Affecting Shipping Time

While shipping time estimates provide a general guideline, there are various factors that can influence the actual duration of a shipment. Some regularly encountered elements that affect how long it will take to ship from China include:

  • Type of Vessel: Larger container ships or bulk carriers have higher cargo capacities but slower speeds than specialized roll-on/roll-off vessels or car carriers. Ship type impacts estimated time of arrival.
  • Weather Conditions: Unfavorable weather like storms can cause delays if ships need to alter course or wait out bad conditions. Seasonal weather patterns also affect certain routes.
  • Port Congestion: Busy ports with high traffic or that are understaffed/inefficient may lead to longer wait times for vessels to berth, load/unload cargo which delays overall journey times.
  • Route Schedule: Ships adhere to set schedules with planned stops at multiple ports. Any delays early on like missed departure can cause knock-on effects down the line.
  • Cargo Inspections: Customs inspections of cargo for security, compliance or health reasons may cause delays in some ports before clearance is given.

Necessary Documents for Shipping from China to France

Necessary Documents for Shipping from China to France

When shipping goods from China to France, it is crucial to have the correct documentation ready. You will need to prepare a well-organized dossier to ensure smooth customs clearance with Chinese and French authorities and compliance with government regulations related to international trade.

  • Commercial Invoice: The document should clearly show the value, quantity and nature of the goods you are transporting.
  • Packing List: Include a detailed packing list. This should outline each item in your shipment, its weight and packaging details. It ensures that all parties know what the carrier is loading.
  • Bill of Lading (B/L): A bill of lading is a formal contract between you and the carrier. This is necessary to release the goods on arrival and to deal with any claims that may arise.
  • Certificate of Origin: Prepare a Certificate of Origin. This proves where your goods were manufactured and is important for applying tariffs and understanding trade agreements.
  • Export License: If your goods are controlled, you will need an export license from the Chinese government. Check in advance to avoid delays.
  • Insurance Documentation: This is essential to protect your company’s assets from damage or loss in transit.

Is There an Import Tax from China to France?

Duties and taxes are calculated based on the value of the goods, trade agreements, commercial invoice, HS tariff code of the product, and origin of the goods.

Since there is no preferential trade agreement between China and France, a certificate of origin will not allow exemption from customs duties.

Imports from China to France are subject to 20% VAT, customs duties up to 17%, and a 4.2% general tariff, calculated based on the CIF value.

Customs duties and taxes apply to both businesses and individuals importing from China. The duty-free threshold is €150. Above that, the duty rate varies based on the type of goods.

  • Electronic products – 0-2%
  • Furniture – 0-2.7%
  • Footwear – 8-17%
  • Textiles – 8-12%

As a professional shipping company, we help our customers to correctly classify and evaluate shipments to minimize customs duties. If you have goods to ship or you want to import goods from China to France, please contact us.

What Items Are Prohibited to Bring into France?

Prohibited Items: These items may not be transported under any circumstances.

  • Narcotics and illegal drugs
  • Weapons, Explosives, and Ammunition
  • counterfeit
  • Hazardous Waste
  • endangered plant and animal species

Restricted Items: Certain conditions or restrictions apply to these items.

  • Alcohol: requires a special import license
  • Tobacco and tobacco products: subject to taxes and import quotas.
  • Medicine: Appropriate documentation and approval are required.
  • Food: Must comply with health and safety regulations.
  • Electronics: Certain types require specific safety standards.
  • Cultural relics: Authorization is required for export and import from China to France.

Please be sure to check with the freight forwarder for the latest, detailed list of prohibited and restricted items.

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